Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Many Options for a Creative and Inspired 2012

There are so many options for cultivating a Creative Life in 2012.  Here are just a handful that I am considering.  Did I mention they are all FREE?

Sketchbook Challenge 2012 Welcome Message
I did this challenge in 2011, and surprised myself in a number of ways!
I started out thinking the sketchbook would be a separate medium, but there were a number of things that started out as sketches on paper, where I thought they would remain on paper.   Several of then eventually moved into another dimension and became journal quilts.  I also stretched my wings and started doing some water color pieces, too.  I'd like to do more watercolor in the coming year.   I like having a theme to flavor a whole month of creativity.   

Book of Days 2012 : Journal Art & Memory Keeping with Effie Wild
This looks like it will be much more than just making stuff, involving Spirit as well.  Cool!

Free-Motion Quilting Challenge 2012
This will feature some of the greats of FMQ like Diane Gaudinski, Ann Fahl, and Leah Day.  The organizer is careful to note that it's not an online class, but another outlet to learn and share more about FMQ from some of the greats.  They will also feature regular exercises, monthly challenges and prizes.  Good thing I just re-vamped my sewing area to accommodate easier FMQ!

Creative Jump Start 2012 Summit
The first tutorial was on warmups to get your creativity going.  Simple stuff!  Great stuff!  I can't wait to get started ...  I'm realizing I need to make a space for paper arts in my "studio." 

Fabulous Surfaces - Lessons to accompany Lynda Monk's new book
Not yet posted, but I'm waiting for it!

Photo Shop Essentials - Lessons
Anyone have suggestions for online lessons? 

Journal Quilts Challenge
I'd like to continue with a monthly journal quilt as I did in 2011, but since Three Creative Studios is no more, I wonder if I'll have the push to to actually make it happen on my own?

Quilting Arts
This magazine is chock-full of articles, ideas and inspiration.  And don't forget the accompanying tv show!  I have to start taking notes on the things I want to try ...

Of course, then there's the usual dyeing, quilting and mess-making that I like to play with.   I don't know that I'll be able to keep up and participate in all of these opportunities in 2012, but it goes to show that the horizon looks very bright for a Creative Life!

What will you do?


  1. I especially liked Jane Davies post from today with her collage journal. Anything we do using our eyes and favorite material stretches the creative soul.

  2. YES! I'm glad Jane Davies is in The Sketchbook Challenge for another year! I liked her color collage book so much that I purchased it. I have the color wheel from her book tacked up in my studio as a reference. It's a beautiful color wheel (if that makes any sense). ;-)

    1. I have turned to the use of color wheels more and more in my effort to be more thoughtful about my designs. A beautiful color wheel makes a ton of sense....hard to put into words.


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